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About Me

The pastry arts are the sweetest form of art and have many fans in every corner of the world. Pastries nourish our parties and are highly commendable because, like every other piece of art, they reflect the style of the artist.

Since my teenage years, I was curious about how sweets and cakes are made and what gives them their shapes and tastes. That's why I went to various colleges to study baking breads, cakes, chocolates, desserts and traditional pastries, and received various professional qualifications, such as four diplomas from the best colleges in my country, by the year 2000. Since I'm always eager to learn more, I went to Vancouver Community College to expand upon my previous experiences and graduated in 2008 as a pâtissière (pastry chef).

Throughout my studies and professional work, I have always tried to deliver high-quality products with a unique taste and the freshest ingredients and the recognition of my work by my instructors and customers has been the testament to my success.

I hope that I can continue to work with more passion and take bolder, more effective steps in the future. Finally, I would like to thank all of my professors who have given me their expertise over the years to motivate my next steps. Thank you to my husband who has always encouraged me and my children for being my biggest supporters.